domingo, 10 de abril de 2016

Once You Party With Us You'll Be Falling In Love

Daisy Dukes Bikinis On Top

sábado, 2 de abril de 2016

For Everything You Do I Turn To You

This is How We Do it

Es Una Historia De Mi Corazon

Underneath Your Clothes There Is My Territory

All Tue Love Needs A Chance

You Are Safe In My Heart

My Friend See My Youtube Channel!

Friends Go See My Channel Please!!

Publicado por Claudia Moura em Domingo, 13 de março de 2016

In The End Only Kindness Matters

The Chemicals Between Us

Let You Put Your Hands On Me In My Skin Tight Jeans

All I want From You Is What You Are

I'm Gonna Be Your Number One

May I Never Miss The Thrill Of Being Near You

All That You've Got

Please See My Channel On Youtube My Friend! My Friend, Subscribe To My Youtube Channel! Kisses!
Publicado por Claudia Moura em Sábado, 27 de fevereiro de 2016

If The Odds Say Improbable, What Do They Know